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The International Maria Callas Grand Prix

Since their establishment, international music competitions worldwide aim at discovering new talents as well as introducing them to the public.

Despite the efforts of the organizers all these years, however, experience has shown that the acquisition of a first prize in an international competition does not, by any means, guarantee the beginning of a successful career or its further development.

From the very beginning, the Maria Callas Grand Prix in opera and piano traced this issue on the fact that discovering a talent is one thing; awarding a musician, ready to successfully meet the high standards of an international career, is quite another. Consequently, the criteria and requirements between these two differ accordingly. As a result, a dynamic personality, communication skills, stage presence, an extended repertoire, as well as the ability to decisively cope with the various stage difficulties are qualities that lead to a successful career.

With a view to introducing outstanding young artists to the public, as well as expanding the scope of a perhaps already existing career, Athenaeum expects from the participants the execution of a highly demanding program. The Maria Callas Grand Prix has been established to award those gifted artists, and this would be the fullfilment of what Athenaeum quests for.


Louly Psichouli
Anna Koukouraki
International Cultural Centre ATHENAEUM