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Lilia Boyadjieva

Audiences at Lilia Boyadjieva's every performance are invariably enthralled, surprised, sometimes disturbed but never indifferent. She has interpreted works from the full spectrum of the established repertoire: from J.S. Bach, for whose music she entertains a very deep admiration, to 20th century music for which she feels a special affinity, working here exhaustively on Samuel Barber and Shostakovich as well as on most Bulgarian and Greek composers, through the standard classical, romantic and post-romantic works. Her recording of Barber’s complete piano works was praised by Fanfare Magazine as: 'probably the most valuable CD solely devoted to Barber’s keyboard music'. In particular, her interpretation of the Barber Sonata (op. 26) 'played with an extraordinary combination of power and delicacy, is one of the finest readings on record'. Among critics, the consensus is that her strong interpretative skills bring new dimensions to familiar works, in addition to being both inspiring and exciting. 
Born and educated in Sofia, Bulgaria, she completed her studies at the Moscow Conservatory P.I. Tchaikovsky, with Professor T.D.Gutman. Her awards at international piano competitions include prizes at Senigalia (Italy - 1979), Vianna da Motta (Portugal - 1983), Maria Callas Grand Prix (Greece - 1985) and more. 
Lilia Boyadjieva pursues a brilliant soloist career mainly in Europe. Invited by prestigious festivals (Montpellier, Auvers-sur-Oise, Dublin, Moscow, Sofia, Athens) she has performed in recitals as a soloist, with orchestras and with chamber music ensembles in various countries, whose radio and television organisations often broadcast her concerts.
Renowned for her teaching abilities, she has taught at the Sofia Music Academy, in Athens and in Paris (CNR, Schola Cantorum). She gives numerous master classes in Greece, France, Russia and the USA. The American label ARTEK Recordings has recently published her CDs 'Around the Fugue - a polyphonic journey from Bach until today' - and works by Dmitri Shostakovich (2nd Sonata, 24 Preludes and 3 Fantastic Dances). In 2013 she organised the First International Piano Competition 'De Bach Au Jazz' in Paris, with emphasis on musical styles from Bach all the way through to jazz and improvisation, which had a great success with more than 100 participants from 23 countries