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Renato Bruson

Renato Bruson is one of the greatest performers in the international contemporary lyrical artistic landscape.

It was important for his artistic future the participation in the singing competition at the Sperimentale Teatro in Spoleto in 1961, from which he was the winner; a year that marked the start of a brilliant fifty-year career that saw the artist's presence in the most important Italian and foreign theaters and under the baton of the most prestigious orchestral directors.

Renato Bruson is considered unanimously by critics today's greatest belcantist. His repertoire is very vague: the Verdian works have made it famous all over the world, in this repertoire his vocal instrument has been able to expand in order to dominate the Vergian textures with absolute mastery, and through these great roles he has achieved the full maturity of the performer and protagonist of absolute authority; In addition, Bruson has many works by Donizetti, whose "Renaissance" is today attributed to Bruson and establish him as a protagonist and a historical interpreter.

Bruson has received numerous awards, prizes, certificates, titles that would be long listed for his artistic quality and his performances, both on the stage and in the recording room.

Its formidable artistic heritage, and its experience, has for some years been made available to young students who intend to learn and assimilate their art. That is how Renato Bruson is engaged in Italy and the rest of the world in continuous masterclasses as well as being a Professor of Scenic Interpretation at the Academy of the Scala Theater in Milan.