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She was a woman worthy, with vision, offering and legacy. We will support the continuation of the Maria Callas Grand Prix, which you, together with Anna Koukouraki, founded. We had promised you that! Farewell, our dear Louly!
Myron Michailidis (Artistic Director of the National Opera of Greece)


Louly was a very special human being and I am so grateful for the beautiful friendship which has existed between us ever since she engaged me to sing a Maria Callas Concert in Herodes Atticus Odeon so many years ago. I will truly miss her and will always cherish the memories of the happy times we spent together.  
Dame Gwyneth Jones (Soprano)

I will always remember her! I was fortunate to have her as my teacher and have seminars from with Louly. She taught me so many things and influenced my life, while I was a piano student in the ATHENAEUM Conservatory. I remember her from my earliest steps, when she chose my first piano when I was 6 years old and has been since always supportive to me. From Kefallinias to Ithakis and then to Amerikis street, I continued my studies following the family of ATHENAEUM and I will remember everything as some of the best moments of my life. Great musician and person, who gave so much to the art and Greek culture!
Costis Panayotiidis

RIP, beloved teacher! Thank you for all the light, all faith, all the love, all the vision that you gave to all the students of the conservatory ...
Beneath the surface rigidity, there was a heart with enormous sensitivity. A heart that had opened the Gate of Music and saw God in her!
Together with my teacher, you were both beacons of morality and virtue in my musical world. You will be always in my heart and I promise that I will realize your wish! You have nurtured and shaped my musical DNA. I bear you always inside me. Besides this is where teachers reside, in the souls of their students!!! On the throne of their soul!!!
Irini Tsirakidou (Soprano)

... I am grateful for the honour I had to study near her and for the rare luck to having known her. I will always remember Louly Psichouli with love!
Chryssi DImitriou (Flautist) 


…Louly Psicouli leaves a great void as President, organizer and as an individual. She was an example for all musicians to follow and her absence will mean a very important loss in the music world.
Paloma O’Shea (President of Santander International Piano Competition)


Letter to Louly
I did not know what to wear to say farewell, I took all the clothes out of the wardrobe!
Should I wear the clothes of the sassy student you once met? That grumbled with a little humour that everything is going slowly like the elevator in the building at Amerikis street, who was in a hurry to interpret unrepeatable, to compose unforgettable pieces at no time?
You knew the secret and you just smiled, you liked us, the impatient ones... But you knew very well to distinguish when our impatience came from longing and desire and when from sloppiness.
And sloppiness was a no-no!!! Nothing more…
Should I wear the clothes of the mature artist created by you? Who continues to grumble because everything is going so fast and she is missing the elevator of the building at Amerikis street! Who does not interpret unrepeatable nor is
composing unforgettable pieces…  She is just doing what you have taught her to love!!! You whispered the secret in our ears without using a single word, only with your breath! Without much…
I finally dressed offhand, just wore a vest -I know you liked them. I do not know why, maybe for you to see that I have understood? I do not know.
When at some point my flute teacher left the conservatory, I whined again, with outcries and exaggerations! You scolded me: “Leave the drama and move on!”
Yesterday I didn’t make it and you're not here anymore to scold me... But even if you did, I will distress you: “it is not easy Louly, it’ s not the same”…
Evangelia Velli-Kosma



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